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With nearly 1000 independent businesses in the U.S., we in the boutique rental industry are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in events and knew we needed to get together to discuss this trend and share ideas.

In June 2016, Anna and Rhoda of Loot Vintage Rentals teamed up with Allison of RW Elephant to create a gathering of pioneers in our boutique rental industry. Staged in the beautiful South Congress Hotel in Austin, Texas, Anna, Rhoda and Allison wanted to make sure their attendees were pampered within one of the finest hotels in Austin so they too could receive the top notch customer service and luxury style that they were accustomed to giving their clients in their businesses. The award-winning hotel and conference space along with their superb catering did not disappoint!

Over a two day period, attendees were able to soak up learning from event professionals who spoke specifically to the boutique rental industry. With topics ranging from how to use nueropsychology to improve your business to learning more about millenials and the sharing economy to getting brass tacks data about key metrics, the speakers covered a wide range of topics leaving the attendees yearning for more.

When not soaking up all the education, attendees were excited to finally put names to faces they’ve been following for years and enjoying Austin in evening settings courtesy of Rentivist.

Attendees parted with a strong urge to continue learning and growing and looked forward to catching up with new friends in the business.

We are so excited to continue this journey with you in Brooklyn in 2017.

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“I’d recommend Lend and Gather to any boutique event rental professional as it offers industry-specific insights, valuable knowledge through expert-led sessions and great networking opportunity with other like-minded event rental professionals. Attendees truly gain practical tips on topics such as optimizing inventory management, enhancing customer experience, pricing and a variety of other tools to streamline operations.”

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Our Incredible 2016 Speakers Included:

Each of these speakers brought wisdom, insight, and a lot of warmth to the experience. One hallmark of the Lend & Gather conference is the access attendees have to the speakers and presenters who join us. In addition to keynotes and breakouts, the side conversations that happen over lunch, between sessions, and informally can be just as impactful. We’ve been so grateful to have these experts join us throughout the two days to truly help us have transformative experiences together.

We Are Grateful To Our 2016 Sponsors!

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