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Julie is a social media marketing expert with a special emphasis in online marketing solutions that are both affordable and effective. She learned early on in her career she had a knack for growing social media followers quickly and exponentially with one client ringing in at over 600,000 Facebook fans in one year.

She’s always making sure to develop a qualified audience that would lead directly to sales. Since then, she has spent the better part of a decade broadening and deepening her expertise in the online world and has developed successful email, social media, and online advertising campaigns for clients across the country. She believes beautiful, creative, data driven marketing is the most powerful tool to success.

Julie is the author of Being Brave Online – a roadmap for those looking to develop a fantastic brand on social media. She absolutely loves helping others grow their brand beautifully and authentically online.

A lover of road trips and gathering with friends over long meals, she lives in her favorite city, Austin, with her husband.


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