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Maggpie has been the leading vintage rental company in Philadelphia, PA for the past 5 years. Maggie and Jason (owners) have not only curated their inventory of unique, one-of-a-kind found pieces but also of hand-built furniture made by Jason himself. Although their main focus is catering to the wedding world they’re first love is the furniture itself and making sure each piece is something they can be proud to put out there.

Maggie was born into the rental business. Big Top Rentals, her parents’ tent and party supply company, is where Maggie spent her summers incidentally learning how to run a rental company. Never did she think that all those tasks that became second nature to her growing up would play such a crucial role in the shaping of her own business one day.

At Maggpie, Maggie wears several hats in order to keep the business operating. One day she’s multi-tasking in the office; creating proposals, planning delivery schedules and managing the books. The next day you’ll find her unloading a truck full of 20 tables and 200 chairs; she’s a hands-on gal. Her passion comes down to the marketing aspect of Maggpie where she’s happiest designing promotions, vignettes and most of all her Instagram where she throws in that occasional sarcasm to keep life light.


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