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Nearly 60 event rental professionals from around North America joined hosts Loot Rentals & RW Elephant to elevate the boutique event rental industry together.

Patina Rentals created the perfect environment for this offbeat conference. Michelle Edgemont adorned the space with her signature pops of color and gorgeous floral arrangements. Patina’s furnishings brought a sense of intimacy in the historic Wythe Hotel.  Their couches, lounge furniture, rustic tables, and high cocktail tables and stools made graduated seating that allowed everyone to engage.

Over the two-day conference, attendees learned from experts who also attended the conference alongside them. On Day One, topics included SOPs & Process Management, Getting Real with The Real Weddings Editor of Martha Stewart Weddings, Strategies for B2B Sales, Becoming Profitable, and How to Build A Brand That Can’t be Replicated.

Day Two was also packed with catalytic presentations including insight about Leading Like a Woman, the Law for Event Rental Businesses, Prospecting for DMCs, Improving the Rental Industry, Metrics & Best Practices, and a Panel of Boutique Event Rental Business Owners sharing the Keys to their Success. In addition to gleaning wisdom during their presentations, each attendee had invaluable access to the speakers and panelists throughout the experience.

Although Hurricane Harvey prevented one of our speakers from attending in person, we were thrilled to reconvene a couple weeks afterwards for a live webinar. Revisiting these ideas after the conference actually served to cement some of the lessons learned and reminded us of the goals we set.

While our days were filled with everything one needs to take their event rental business to the next level, the evenings were all about taking friendships up a notch. We began with a rooftop cocktail meet-up, enjoyed a neighborhood scavenger hunt sponsored by our friends at United Fabrics and Crypton, and closed our time together with a cocktail reception provided by Sage Wedding Pros.

Lend & Gather’s second showing was just as successful as its debut year and we can’t wait for the next conference.

We’ll see in you Los Angeles in 2020!

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“I’d recommend Lend and Gather to any boutique event rental professional as it offers industry-specific insights, valuable knowledge through expert-led sessions and great networking opportunity with other like-minded event rental professionals. Attendees truly gain practical tips on topics such as optimizing inventory management, enhancing customer experience, pricing and a variety of other tools to streamline operations.”

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Our Incredible 2017 Speakers Included:

Each of these speakers brought wisdom, insight, and a lot of warmth to the experience. One hallmark of the Lend & Gather conference is the access attendees have to the speakers and presenters who join us. In addition to keynotes and breakouts, the side conversations that happen over lunch, between sessions, and informally can be just as impactful. We’ve been so grateful to have these experts join us throughout the two days to truly help us have transformative experiences together.

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