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Kelly Ann Peck, owner of Emerson Reese Creative, is committed to helping event entrepreneurs create their own path in life by translating her experience into actionable strategies that turn ideas into profitable businesses.

As a life-long fixer, Kelly has solved countless problems: from helping businesses address budgeting oversights to launching her own business out of a need for more freedom.   Her innovative way of thinking has driven not just herself, but those around her, to strive for more and, in turn, reach their full potential.

Today, Kelly serves her clients with empathy and understanding, having stood in their places once upon a time. She knows what it’s like to feel exhausted and worry about whether a client had a great experience. She’s wondered how she’ll get enough clients to make a profit. She has seen her entrepreneur father worry about mortgage payments. She has ripped her hair out to produce a successful event. She knows the challenges entrepreneurs face and is committed to helping her clients avoid these common pitfalls.

In every way, she is the guide she wished she had when starting out as a new business owner. Her insider perspective allows her to provide foundational business knowledge for every event entrepreneur. For more information about Kelly and her services, visit her at EmersonReeseCreative.com and @emersonreesecreative on social media.


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